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Gary Vaynerchuk
December 6, 2021

NFT Influencers to Promote NFTs

While NFTs grow bigger and bigger every day, the community grows along with it.

However, certain individuals rise to the top when you talk about NFTs.

They would be the top NFT influencers around, and they can play a vital role in making NFT projects succeed or spreading the hype around this new world of crypto.

Most Popular NFT Influencers

Our experts put together a list of several influencers who have influenced the world of crypto time and time again.

With their influence, you can help boost your own non-fungible token business venture as well!

Farokh Sarmad

This young influencer made a name for himself on Instagram for his social media agency, GoodLife.

Earlier this year, he became a regular on Clubhouse, where he has a regular show on NFTs. He also posts on Instagram and Twitter, where he has thousands of followers.

Boss Logic

Boss Logic is one of the biggest NFT influencers on Youtube and TikTok at the moment. His digital art gets thousands of views when he posts them on either of the platforms.

He’s a great person to follow if you’re a crypto artist who wants to keep up with the trends in the NFT space.

NFT Times

Mr. Fungible is an ardent advocate for the NFT community and can guide you or newbies to the NFT space.

He also goes through the BIGGEST non-fungible token news on his Youtube channel, like how Mr. Beast and Tom Brady are joining the NFT market.

So if you want to learn more about NFTs, this is a great Youtube influencer to follow.


Not only does OpenNFT talk about NFTs and the crypto market in general, but he also performs live-action NFT mining on his social media.

He opens NFT packs like NBA Top Shots which excites his audience because you never really know what’s inside a pack before opening one.

Brett Malinowski

Brett Malinowski is one of the most popular NFT influencers on Twitter.

He has about 38k followers on Youtube, where he talks about lesser-known NFT projects in NFT marketplaces.

Kenn Bosak

Kenn Bosak is another NFT influencer who’s been in the blockchain technology game of NFTs since 2017.

He even changed his name to reflect his newfound interest in NFTs.

Since he’s one of the early adopters of this industry, he hopes to become a leading ambassador of NFTs until it becomes more mainstream.

Punk 6529

Punk 6529 is an influencer who uses his social media channels to share objective insights on the current NFT space of today.

If you want to learn more about NFTs in general or be kept up to date with crypto news, then you can follow him on his Twitter account and take a look at his threads about the subject.]

The Bitcoin Express

The bitcoin Express is an influencer who can help you get your first NFT project come to fruition with simple how-tos, as well as tips for people who want to invest in crypto projects.

With his tutorials, you can easily get aboard the NFT train without too much trouble.

NFT Once

This influencer started his journey with non-fungible tokens by sharing his NFT portfolio online, giving way to more projects which led him to great success as an early adopter.

He shares his techniques and trading habits in the world of crypto on his channel, which the community can also benefit from.

Gary Vaynerchuk

An NFT influencer list isn’t complete without this guy.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a famous figure in the NFT world who has his own NFT show on Youtube where his followers can learn about the future of intellectual property rights and the creator economy.

That all ties into crypto.

His informative videos have influenced several celebrities like Logan Paul and Odel Beckham Jr. to start their journey with the world of NFTs.

How Can NFT Influencers Make An Impact?

It’s not a surprise that NFTs are called the next big thing, especially in the world of art and business alike.

Suppose you want to start your own NFT project or any other NFT-related product business.

In that case, you’ll need to employ NFT marketing strategies and good public relations to set yourself apart from the HUGE amount of competition you have.

That’s where all those influencers come in.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers can help you gain the trust of your target market if they bring up your crypto projects on their social media content.

They can do this by tweeting about your projects on Twitter or talking about your plans on Youtube.

With that, you gain a diverse audience with their help.

And you’re not the only one who benefits. They get to create more NFT content and gain more followers from it.

Advice from Influencers

You could also get advice from influencers regarding your projects.

Since they create content about NFTs, they have a lot of knowledge about crypto trends and fads.

With the knowledge you get from them, you can make BETTER DECISIONS regarding buying or selling NFTs.

However, influencers are not financial advisors just because they know a lot about NFTs.

Take their financial advice BUT do your own research when you create NFTs for your project. Doing so will give you all the essential knowledge when entering this new industry.


NFTs are on the rise, and they’re changing people’s lives by giving them fortune, wealth, and a voice.

Influencers can shape the way the world views this relatively new and innovative industry.

If you can get them to promote your own projects, you can engage more with their own audience.

Influencers will continue to help shape the future of crypto with the help of celebrities and companies who are interested in what cryptocurrency can offer.

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