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February 22, 2022

Most Popular NFT Tokens of 2022

NFTs have slowly taken over the world of the internet, and we’re pretty sure you’ve heard about this new internet craze.

But it’s not just an internet craze that will die out any time soon.

These NFTs are an opportunity to make money and potentially enjoy games and art alike.

9 Best NFT Tokens and Protocols

Here are the 9 best NFT projects the experts listed so you know which ones to enjoy and invest in!

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can monetize digital items and properties.

Its native token is called SAND.

Users can use SAND to make historical blockchain transactions to buy digital land and sell digital assets.

Axie Infinity

This is an NFT game highly based on Pokemon.

You get to collect and breed digital pets called Axies, and in return, get to sell them.

This NFT project is probably the most popular game in the NFT world at the moment and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.


This is one of the earliest NFTs, with about 10,000 uniquely generated avatars.

People can buy an avatar as a non-fungible token through the Ethereum blockchain platform.

What’s surprising about this Larva Labs-made project is that all avatars were free during the initial release

NBA Top Shot

If you’re an NBA fan, you’re probably aware that the NBA has entered the NFT marketplace with its own NFT collectibles.

They offer short clips of in-game moments like a dunk, a buzzer-beater, or a game-winning block.

They also inform you about the rarity of each clip, along with the stats of each player, seasonal averages, and recent sales history.

NBA Top Shot operates under the Flow Blockchain instead of the Ethereum Blockchain.


CryptoKitties is an NFT game that allows players to collect and breed virtual cats.

Each digital cat is unique and cannot be destroyed, replicated, or taken away.

Dapper Labs made this game work on the Ethereum network, the most popular decentralized digital ledger for NFTs.

This game doesn’t show signs of losing popularity, making it an excellent option for NFT fans


This is one of the most popular digital cards game in the NFT community at the moment.

They recently released their governance token (SPS), so you can buy in-game assets that you can actually use in the game.

The token offers you governance and other soon-to-be-announced features, making Splinterlands a great buy, especially with its 2021 prices.


Decentraland is one of the first metaverse games in the NFT scene.

You can make your own avatar to your liking. Once you’re done, you get your very own virtual passport.

After that, you can start making cryptocurrency exchanges with the MANA token to make your own neighborhood filled with RARE digital assets.

It continues to rise in popularity with the number of events, concerts, and meetings being hosted there.

Their market cap is currently at 3,874,516,003 USD.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club is another limited collection of digital avatars. It functions as your membership pass for a swamp club of apes.

This project was created by Yuga Labs, with monkey animations that have special attributes and rarities.

Yuga Labs also made Bored Ape Kennel Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

Enjin Coin

The Enjin Coin is an NFT project among one of the original NFT projects out there, giving it a great headstart in the NFT game.

Aside from that, Enjin Coin is unique because if you have an item you don’t want anymore, you can melt it back into Enjin Coin (ENJ).

How Do NFTs Work?

Need a refresher on how these non-fungible tokens work? No problem!

NFTs are a way for any person to own a DIGITAL CERTIFICATE proving that they own a certain piece of media, such as digital cats.

However, non-fungible tokens DON’T actually give you ownership of the digital asset.

Unless the seller of the NFT says you get all rights to the digital representations you want to take, you ONLY get partial ownership.

You can start your various crypto exchanges by buying crypto and NFTs with a simple web wallet.


NFT marketplaces thrive with digital artists selling their art and other content creators who create virtual worlds for people to enjoy.

NFTs allow digital art to be perceived as fine art and revolutionize gaming with its blockchain technology.

So, after looking at the top NFT protocols and tokens, will you invest in one too?

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